HFC: Girls

HFC Girls


Below are our Holmdel FC girls teams. Should you wish to contact one of our coaches, please send an email to holmdelfc.njx@gmail.com where we will be happy to assist you.


2010 HFC Blue Crush

Head Coach: Pete McGonigle


2009 HFC Sky Blue

Head Coach: Bryan Wiener


2008 HFC Manchester United

Head Coach: Ed Zhang


2008 HFC Impact

Head Coach: Kristi Salerno


2007 HFC Chastain

Head Coach: Vic Giamanco


2007 HFC Diablos

Head Coach: Derek Backofen


2006 HFC Stampede

Head Coach: Eric Hinds


2006 HFC Revolution

Head Coach: Brian Hynes


2005 HFC Azzurri

Head Coach: Sebastian Bianchi


2005 HFC Cosmos

Head Coach: Bryan Wiener


2004 HFC Fury

Head Coach: Robert Moore


2003 HFC Blue Colts

Head Coach: Cara Sharpe


2003 HFC Lightning

Head Coach: Vito Lasalandra


2002 HFC Shamrocks

Head Coach: Chris Lionette


2001 HFC Galaxy

Head Coach: Fran Florio


2000 HFC Storm

Head Coach: Greg Heyt


Ladies HFC Mystic Riders

Head Coach: Gordon Bostic


Teams are now organized by birth year. If your daughter was born 2010, HFC Blue Crush would be her age-appropriate team.